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All breeds have potential health problems, here are a few associated with the Shar pei.

This is were the eyelids roll in on itself rubbing the cornea and irritating the dogs eyes. If left untreated the scarring caused by the rubbing on the cornea can make the dog go blind.

A simple eye tack will sort this out. Do not have a puppy operated on for entropion until it has finished growing as you can cause more harm than good.
Try to use a Shar pei friendly vet who knows about the breed.


Due to shar pei having small ears this makes the ear canal very narrow and sometimes causes infections.

Routine cleaning is advised, but never poke things down your dogs ears.
A simple ear cleaning solution either from your pet store or vet will do fine.

Signs of a sore ear are shaking the head, scratching, hot to the touch, redness and sometimes  a smell and discharge. At this point take your dog to see your vet as tablets will also be needed for the infection.


A common skin complaint. It is caused by a mite that lives on the skin and irritates the dog making him scratch and become sore and moth eaten.
Use a prescribed shampoo from your vet.


Sometimes a yeast infection can cause your Shar pei to have a bad odour, consult your vet.
This is were the knee cap slips out of place and causes the dog to limp.
The condition can be put right with a opperation, but the dog should not be bred from as this can be a hereditary condition.
This can kill your dog within half an hour. It is common in deep chested breeds.

The stomach swells from the gasses that are in there then twists on itself cutting of the blood supply.

Signs that you dog has this are he may look distressed and will probably be stood with his back arched. The stomach will be hard to touch.
You must get to the vet ASAP.

Feeding your dog 2-3 times a day instead of one large meal will help this condition, also limit food and water post exercise.
Feed dishes elevated so as dog is not bending down to eat.
Any dog showing the signs of this ailment should not be bred from.

The dog will appear unwell, have a high temprature,and will not want to move.
Swelling of the hock joints and painful swollen muzzle, there may be vomiting and diarrheoa. All this usually starts in dogs less than 24 months but can happen at any time.

The fevers can last up to 36 hours. Keep the dog in a quite place and give something to bring the temperature down, an asprin every 8 hours normally helps.

Amyloid is a stress protein which is normally excreted in the urine, however in some Shar pei it builds up in the spaces around the kidney cells and eventually chokes them to death.

This condition is similar to one in humans called Familial mediterranean fever.
A low protein diet is advisable to try to eradicate this problem.

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  1. This dog looks absolutely wonderful. I was planning to get another dog for myself, and I now know which one I'll get haha. Thanks for sharing!