Monday, 1 September 2014


All owners and breeders have their individual preferences,
though the basics remain the same.

Lhasa Apso's do accumulate mucus in the corner of their eyes.
This is of no great concern unless there is excessive redness or
the dog is rubbing its eyes or the mucus has a foul odour.
Gently wipe away any mucus with a tissue or lint-free cloth
each day to avoid acculmation of matter
and subsequent eye infections.
N.B. Some lhasa's tend to tear, more excessivly than others,
there could be several reasons for this which may require
veterinary investigation.
To help to prevent staining of the hair under the eye,
a smear of vaseline, just under the
corner of the eye, going down towards the mouth may help.
For mucus which has hardened,
soak a cotton wall ball with warm water and squeeze
so that the mucus is softened by the water.
Then wipe away.
Another option is to use a fine tooth comb and comb downwards
away from the eyes.
Your apso's eyes should be clear and bright.
Apso can suffer from eye problems.

Eyes should be checked daily,
occasionally grass seeds, hair and other foreign bodies,
may find their way into your apso's eyes and cause
extreme irritation.
Should this occur then flush with eye wash or tepid tap water
and seek veterinary advice.
As the apso gets older, you may notice some cloudiness
of the eye which can be due to cataracts forming.
Cataracts occur when the eye lens inside becomes opaque.
Cataracts can impair vision.
If your lhasa incurs an eye injury, keep moist and
seek veterinary attention IMMEDIATELY failure to do so can
result in the loss of your dogs eye.
If any substance gets into the eyes, i.e. soap, grit etc
flush the eyes with either eye wash or warm tap water.
If squinting, tearing or redness of the eyes persist,
then once again seek veterinary attention.


  1. Lhasa Apsos and Shih Tzu puppies are maybe the two most comparative pooches out of every single little breed. They are both of smaller than expected fabricated and have long hair. In any case, their most striking similitude is the way that they both originate from long genealogies of canine breeds that provided food solely to sovereignty! Lhasa apso and others

  2. Aw, these doggies are so cute and fluffy too. It must be fun to have them around. But here I am stuck with my grumpy cat.