Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Akita Inu

Type of Owner Experienced
Size Rating Giant
Today's Use Companion, security
Group Working

Also Known As Akita Inu, Japanese Akita
Description The Akita comes in various sizes from large to very large and can be characterized by a large curled tail, erect ears and broad head. The Akita has been described as "dignified, good-natured, alert, bold , courageous and loyal." By its nature the breed is undemonstrative and aloof, which means training can be troublesome. Males will have a tendency to get into dog fights more frequently than in other breeds, but well trained individuals make excellent companions. The Akita, posed and regal, is best kept by experienced dog owners.
Temperament Active, Independent, Loyal
Century 1600s
Initial Use Height 24 to 28 in
Popularity 35 Weight 75 to 130 lbs
Country Of Origin Japan Life Expectancy 10 to 12 yrs
Coat Double Coated, 1-2 inches long with dense undercoated
Colors All

History The official dog of Japan was developed by a Japanese nobleman living in exile in the province of Akita, on Honshu island. They were used in pairs to hunt large quarry such as bears. The Akita is the largest of all Japanese breeds and was once bred for pit fighting. By the 1930's this breed was saved from near extinction by the Society for the Preservation of Japanese Breeds.
Registries AKC FCI KC CKC